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  • 5 mg - 56 EUR
  • 25 mg - 224 EUR
  • 100 mg - 672 EUR


Temsirolimus is a water-soluble synthetic rapamycin ester that has been developed for both oral and intravenous applications. Like rapamycin, temsirolimus is an inhibitor of the protein kinase mTOR, which is important for the synthesis of proteins that regulate proliferation and thus for cellular growth and survival. Inhibition of mTOR abrogates pathway-mediated cellular transcription and translation, leading to cell cycle arrest, antiangiogenesis and apoptosis. Temsirolimus has significant in vitro antitumor effects against a number of cancer cell lines and has demonstrated in vivo cytostatic activity in xenograft models. Patients receiving temsirolimus alone achieved longer survival than those receiving interferon alone or temsirolimus plus interferon in a randomized phase III trial. It has been approved as a drug for the treatment of renal cell carcinoma.

catalogue number: T076
synonyms: CCI-779, Torisel
CAS: 162635-04-3
MW: 1030.28 g/mol

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