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Palbociclib (PD0332991)

Palbociclib is a highly specific inhibitor of cyclin-dependent kinase 4 (CDK4, IC50=11 nmol/L) and CDK6 (IC50=16 nmol/L) that is inactive against other CDKs. It is a potent antiproliferative agent against retinoblastoma (Rb)-positive tumor cells in vitro, inducing G1 arrest with a concomitant reduction in the extent of phosphorylation of the pRb protein at Ser780 and Ser795.

catalogue number: P063
synonyms: PD-0332991
CAS: 827022-32-2
MW: 483.99 g/mol (hydrochloride)

Mol Cancer Ther. 2004 Nov;3(11):1427-38. PMID: 15542782
J Med Chem. 2005 Apr 7;48(7):2388-406. PMID: 15801831
J Med Chem. 2006 Jun 29;49(13):3826-31. PMID: 16789739