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The minimum order value is 150 EUR.

To place an order, please give a purchase order number, shipping and billing addresses, VAT number via

  • email (info@tinib-tools.com)
  • fax (+420 585 631 420)

To ensure prompt service and delivery, we encourage E-mailed orders. We do not require written confirmation of emailed orders. If it is necessary for the customer to send a written order in addition to the above, please indicate clearly that the order is marked "confirmation"; this will help to avoid duplication of shipments. Our company cannot be held responsible in cases where this latter procedure is not followed.

Ordering Requirements

To expedite your order, please include the following information:

  • Complete billing address
  • Complete shipping address (if different from billing)
  • Your purchase order number
  • The catalogue number and description of the product
  • The quantity and size of the product
  • For orders within the EU, please provide your VAT Identification Number

Bank Information

Bank: Československá obchodní banka (ČSOB), Horní nám. 6, 772 00 Olomouc, Czech Republic

Account Number: 249324975


IBAN: CZ1803000000000249324975

Currency: Euro

Delivery and Storage

Orders for stock items are usually shipped on the day they are received via the fastest and most economical mode of transportation. In the event that an order specifies a non-stock item or if for any reason we cannot make a complete shipment, a partial shipment will be made, unless instructed otherwise. The customer will be notified promptly of any unanticipated delay. We can also ship our products in accordance with any specifications listed in your order. Non-radioactive products will be shipped by Czech Post, DHL or FedEx. Our company will pay the shipping and insurance charges for any order within the Czech and Slovak Republic with a total value above 10 000,- CZK or SKK; for international shipments, we will cover freight costs (via regular post, DHL, or FedEx) for orders worth 1 000 EUR or more. For orders whose total value is below those listed above, the cost of shipping and packaging will be added to the invoice.

Most of our compounds will be delivered as dry crystalline powders and exhibit very good chemical stability at room temperature. As such, it is not necessary to ship them over dry ice or blue ice. However, upon delivery, the vials should be maintained at -20 °C for long-time storage. If this has been done, the vials should be allowed to equilibrate to room temperature before opening to prevent the condensation of water.

Payment, Prices & Terms

All prices listed are exclusive of VAT. Prices are subject to change without notice. Please visit our website at www.tinib-tools.com for current prices. We guarantee our written quotations for 30 days. When placing your order, please refer to our quoted prices.

Standard payment terms are net 30 days from the date of invoice. The minimum order requirement is 50.00 EUR; this amount does not include any special packaging, service, and/or handling fees. Orders for goods or services worth less than 50.00 EUR will be billed at the minimum level. A carrying charge of 1.5% per month will be added to any unpaid balance. Payment can be made in USD, using the EUR/USD exchange rate on the day of purchase. All duties, taxes and bank charges are the responsibility of the purchaser. Always quote invoice number(s) when making payments.

We are happy to offer substantial discounts on orders whose value substantually exceeds those mentioned in the preceding section. As standard, we offer a 5% discount on orders worth more than 1500 EUR and a 10% discount on orders worth more than 3000 EUR. Please feel free to ask for a quotation.

Use of our Products

All of our products are intended for laboratory research only. They have not been approved for any other purposes including diagnostic or therapeutic purposes, for use in the preparation of food or pharmaceutical products, or for administration to humans or animals. All products should be handled only by qualified personnel who have been trained in laboratory procedures and are familiar with their potential hazards. Information is not available on the possible hazards of many compounds. The absence of warnings must not be interpreted as an indication of safety. The ultimate responsibility for the proper handling of any and all chemicals lies with the user.