VE-821 CAS: 1232410-49-9
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New and specific inhibitor of ATR

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Pictilisib (GDC-0941)

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New and specific inhibitor of VEGFR, EGFR and RET kinases


Welcome to the website of Tinib-Tools, a company that manufactures and markets an array of highly specific reagents with a particular emphasis on drug candidates and recently approved drugs targeting protein kinases and other signal transducers. We currently offer approximately 160 compounds, produced with very high level of quality control, in milligram to gram quantities. We also have extensive expertise in the synthesis of kinase inhibitors and their screening in biochemical and cellular assays, and can provide related scientific services.


ATM/Wip1 activities at chromatin control Plk1 re-activation to determine G2 checkpoint duration.
EMBO J. 2017 Jul 14;36(14):2161-2176

An ATR-dependent function for the Ddx19 RNA helicase in nuclear R-loop metabolism.
EMBO J. 2017 May 2; 36(9): 118298.

The core spliceosome as target and effector of non-canonical ATM signalling.
Nature. 2015 Jul 2;523(7558):53-8.

Src family kinases promote silencing of ATR-Chk1 signaling in termination of DNA damage checkpoint.
J Biol Chem. 2014 May 2;289(18):12313-29.

Rhythmic U2af26 alternative splicing controls PERIOD1 stability and the circadian clock in mice.
Mol Cell. 2014 May 22;54(4):651-62.

Induction of p21CIP1 protein and cell cycle arrest after inhibition of Aurora B kinase is attributed to aneuploidy and reactive oxygen species.
J Biol Chem. 2014 Jun 6;289(23):16072-84.

Ataxia telangiectasia mutated and Rad3 related (ATR) protein kinase inhibition is synthetically lethal in XRCC1 deficient ovarian cancer cells.
PLoS One. 2013;8(2):e57098.

Systems biology approach identifies the kinase Csnk1a1 as a regulator of the DNA damage response in embryonic stem cells.
Sci Signal. 2013 Jan 22;6(259):ra5.

ATR controls cellular adaptation to hypoxia through positive regulation of hypoxia-inducible factor 1 (HIF-1) expression.
Oncogene. 2013 Sep 12;32(37):4387-96.

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In addition to our collection of research chemicals, we also offer several services tailored to suit your individual requirements:
  • Custom organic synthesis
  • Analytical chemistry
  • Kinase selectivity screening
  • Cellular assays
  • Development of custom antibodies

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Products (-tinib compounds)

Our growing collection spans an array of highly specific research reagents at an unbeatable price. Our portfolio is particularly strong in chemical biology and drug discovery, especially with regards to:
  • protein kinase inhibitors
  • signal transduction inhibitors
  • classical anticancer cytostatics

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